TRY2ROLL 2011 // 20.August // Kempten // Germany

On 20th august 2011 it’s going to the second round! After the great success last year in collaboration with the Allgäuer Festwoche the new established extreme sports festival Try2Roll is going to take place a second time in line with its last year sponsor.

The inline skate contest, which has taken place like this since 2007, is gonna present sportsmen showing their skills in one-minute-runs with spectacular tricks. These come from all over Germany, Austria and Switzerland to participate.

But the most exciting new attraction since last year is the Big Air Contest, which probably in this form is unique in Germany. The professional participants are going to skate, blade or bike over the big air and show their best and most daring tricks and jumps. Who loves action, is gonna love this festival!



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